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Nail Aftercare

Want to know the secret to long lasting nails?


A skilled nail technician & the aftercare of a client are two KEY components to keeping your manicure lasting long and looking great!

Here are some tips to help you best maintain your nails:

1) Use cuticle oil on your nail and cuticles

Make this one a habit! We recommend applying cuticle oil at least once per day. Put it by your bedside, your purse, or wherever convenient to help you stay on track! Softer cuticles and hydrated nail beds are just one of the MANY benefits. Did you know, oiling your cuticles & nails daily even prevents chips and cracks on your manicure? When your nails get dry, they tend to separate itself from the nail enhancement which ultimately leads to cracking and lifting.

Ask us about our very own, Blume oil!

2) Nails are jewels, not tools

Treat your nails with care. When working with your hands, ensure you don’t use your nails to do your tasks. For example: when opening a can of soda – use the side of your finger pads instead of your nails. This will prevent any nail lifting and breakages.

3) Wear gloves when washing dishes or doing intensive work with your hands!

Strong detergents such as bleach and cleaning products can discolor the nails.

4) As tempting as it is, DO NOT pick off your nails!

When you rip your enhancements off, you are taking layers of your natural nails off as well. Your nails will be extremely damaged and weak, and will take a long time to grow out. Book an appointment with a professional nail technician to remove your nails – we’ve heard of some salons performing a removal by ripping the client’s nails off with another nail tip or a cuticle pusher. This is a BIG NO-NO and is no different than ripping them off yourself. A proper removal of soak off gel polish includes: soaking your nails in acetone for 5-10 minutes at a time, and patiently removing the gel polish as it flakes off your nail plate.

5) Regular maintenance (2-3 weeks) for a refill or professional removal is essential to keep your natural nails in its best shape.

Once your nail enhancements grow past 3 weeks, the apex shifts forward, creating an unbalanced nail. Keeping your nails past the suggested time frame can put you ask risk for your nail cracking or breaking.

What aftercare do you struggle with? We would love to share our tips to help you achieve a long lasting, healthy manicure routine!

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