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December Salon Updates

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hello Clients & Friends!

Before we spring into a few new updates this coming month, we just want to say thank you to everyone for supporting us and keeping us BUSY the last few months. It's been so nice to be back to work doing what we love.

We are SO honored to announce that Allure Nail Bar is nominated this year for Top Nail Salon in Mississauga. We would be so grateful for you to vote for us if you believe we deserve the title.

Steps to vote:

1) type into URL bar

2) search "Allure Nail Bar"

3) VOTE!

4) Please note the vote is only considered when you've confirmed the link through e-mail.

Voting starts November 20th - December 20th

bonus: show us your confirmed email voting e-mail and receive a free gift at your visit !



Since reopening, our demand has been overwhelming with 2-4 weeks being booked in advance. We will be removing our COVID fee that has been implemented with every booking and clients will be required to pay only the price listed. Please note, there will be a price adjustment for selected services starting December 1st, 2021. Our price adjustments will allow to sustain overhead costs, balance the increase cost of products, keep our technicians update to date with the latest nail education, and overall keep up with the cost of rising inflation. We will always try our best to provide the superlative service for your value, provide our clients with the latest trends, and never compromise your nails with products any less than the best. As of recent, we have added junior technicians on board & would love to share with you their passionate and ongoing improving skills. They are under continuous training under Allure standards and will be priced accordingly. There will also be promos available with our junior technicians. We appreciate your understanding, support, and encouragement since the start of our business. Please visit our website for the latest pricing and information! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


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