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Our Team

Get to know the team at Allure Nail Bar!


Kristy | Salon Owner, Senior Nail Technician & Nail Artist

Hello ! My name is Kristy and I am the founder of the salon. After visiting and working at a couple salons in the past, I have noticed a large gap in education and customer service in the nail industry. My goal was to create a modern and friendly space where our clients and team members can feel safe & relaxed, while at the same time be educated in the process of meticulous manicures.


I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Health studies from McMaster University, so I am particularly aware of the health and safety practices that are overlooked, especially in a nail salon. I also studied at Looks Private Academy where I learned all about nails, from the scientific health aspect to the performance of nail procedures. I have taken courses and am certified by CND and BIOSEAWEED educators. I am a brand ambassador for Magic Gel and Bioseaweed gel. I am a firm believer that you are never done learning which is why I prioritize myself to stay updated in the beauty industry.

As a young kid to my teens, I’ve always loved practicing nail art and doing my family and friend’s nails. I never thought of opening my own salon and doing this as a career at the time. However, my father is also a salon owner and I was highly influenced by him.


He encouraged that I pursue something that I would truly enjoy doing, so he helped me through this whole process, from finding the location to the renovations. I am truly blessed to have such an inspirational figure help me through this process, along with my wonderful team who can hold down the salon even when I’m not there. Allure Nail Bar would not be the same without our wonderful girls! Allure Nail Bar is my pride and joy, and I always want every client that walks through our doors to have nothing but positive things to say!


My favorite thing about being a nail artist is being able to do what I love everyday, playing around with different colours and nail art pieces, and transforming plain fingernails into something super trendy and beautiful.

Our Team Through The Years...

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